Become part of the Tiny House Movement!

Join the team @ THM Design Co.  – We are hiring NOW!

As a designer, you will need to rely on your creativity and math skills to create a tiny house that suits your clients. Each designer will receive their own client and be provided with a client brief. The brief will give you an insight to the client: their style, interests, and what they are looking for in a tiny home. Each week, you will be asked to complete different aspects of the tiny house for your client, and to meet over Zoom as a group of designers to discuss challenges, provide & receive feedback and learn about the next step in the designing of the tiny house. It takes 7 weeks to build our tiny houses from start to finish, which means a 7 week commitment to our team and your client. In addition to your particular client’s criteria, there are other aspects which you will need to also account for in the build. Watch this quick video to get a sense of how we approach our designing and the different things we consider when creating our tiny homes.

We hope you will join our team and take on the challenge of designing tiny homes. It is a fun, creative and rewarding job, that really puts your art and math skills to the test. We are looking for employees who are strong in geometry and computation for budgeting, but also pay close attention to detail and have skills in drawing and colouring.

We are taking applications until Monday, May 11, and our first design team meeting will be on Tuesday, May 12 at noon, over Zoom.

If you are interested, please contact:

Ms. Reuter  – Human Resources Officer for THM Design Co.


Mrs. Papapanagiotou – CEO of THM Design Co.