Barn Owls
Barn Owl Trust
Nature Mapping Program
Bird Web
Kids National Geographic – colouring page
Desert Museum – watch video
Woodland Park Zoo – fascinating facts

World Biomes
Earth Floor (Biomes)
Biomes of the World
Kids Do Ecology (World Biomes)

Lab safety rap
List of Rules – if you can do all this, you’ll be safe!
Atoms and Elements
Kids Konnect – point form notes
TechTopics – matter and structure of atoms
Periodic Table
Jefferson Lab – interactive Table
Periodic Table of Comic Books
Compounds and Reactions
The Kids Should See This – easy to understand video/song

Crows and Ravens
See Mrs. Stolb’s Page (Primary Teacher)

Earth Science
National Geographic – Volcano video (3 minutes)
Discovery Kids – Information plus Build Your Own Volcano
Weather Wiz Kids
Volcano World
The Science of Earthquakes – USGS
Earthquake Facts – Science Kids
Earthquakes – Science Wiz Kids

Canadian Geographic – Boreal Forest
Canadian Boreal Initiative -Fasts Facts at bottom, menu on the left
Hinterland – great map and discussion of plants and animals

Parks Canada – Temperate Rainforest
Exploring Nature – Temperate Rainforest
Ducksters – Temperate Rainforest
Temperate Rainforest Biome

Picnic Adventure
Get Me To the Banquet on Time

Oceans and Technology
Sonar – Exploratorium
Dolphin Sonar – Animal Planet Video
Radar – How Stuff Works
Scuba Diving – How Stuff Works
Scuba Diving – Marine Bio Video
Underwater Vehicles – Dive and Discover
SeaSickness – Dive and Discover
How Animals Survive Underwater – Discovery Education
Ships and Technology – Dive and Discover

See Mrs. Barndt’s Page (Primary Teacher)

Science Fair
Science Buddies -the Wizard helps you choose a project
Fun Science Gallery
Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair -for inspiration
Newton’s Apple Science Try Its -Many ideas, in alphabetical order
Science Made Simple -How to get started on a Science Fair plus ideas
Science Fair Adventure – project ideas by subject
Factmonster – What makes a good science fair project
Science Fairs – list of questions for investigation
Glogster Guide

EcoKids Toothed Whales
EcoKids Baleen Whales
National Geographic Video
Did You Know?
Canadian Geographic -animal facts

Wonderopolis – Something new to wonder about everyday.
Zooniverse – Participate in real research!

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