Summer Reading

As our school library closes, the province begins the province-wide Summer Reading Club at every public library. Sign up for summer Reading Club starts Friday, June 15: children can sign up right after Grizzly Games!

Summer Reading Club Link

Reading for pleasure has many, life-long benefits for readers.  The benefits include:

Reading attainment and writing ability; • Text comprehension and grammar; • Breadth of vocabulary; • Positive reading attitudes; • Greater self-confidence as a reader; • Pleasure in reading in later life; • General knowledge; • A better understanding of other cultures; • Community participation; and • A greater insight into human nature and decision-making.

You can read more about reading for pleasure using the following links:
United Kingdom
New Zealand

The Summer Reading Club also helps to address “Summer Reading Loss” or “Summer Slide”.  Students do lose some of their academic gains over the summer:  it has been found that reading during the summer can help stem the ‘slide’.  For more information on Summer Slide please see the following:
Colorado Department of Education
New Zealand

Burnaby Public Library has created lists of books on the theme of ‘Motion Commotion’.  You can find a link to those lists here.

Happy Reading all summer!
Ms. Taylor

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