October Already?!

It is October already!  I’ve been thinking about toques and Halloween.  To start designing your Halloween pumpkin, try this digital pumpkin carving:

Virtual Pumpkin Carving

You can try out as many crazy faces as you like.  Get lots of practice before carving the real thing!

Happy Halloween! (be safe!)

Ms. Taylor

1 thought on “October Already?!

  1. Just thinking about you and checking on your Blog for pumpkin videos. Wow, I found your virtual pumpkin carving link. Awesome! I am so grateful that you made the Library blog because I use it so often and it helps save time and it is a great teaching tool!!!
    Hope you continue to be positive with everything that you are going through.
    Best wishes to you. Thinking of you often and miss you so much!
    Keep blogging the whole staff is doing it!

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