Welcome Back!

autumn-leavesStarting a new year is always exciting and this year cannot be any different. We’ve done some updates to the blog – please take time to familiarize yourself with the organization (you’ll find new consent templates, Admin section now under Program…). New training sessions (for new sites and any teachers new or nearly new to program) are set for October-December.

More importantly are the relationships and connections made with students, staff and parents. It is relationships that are the foundation to risk-taking. Relationships that serve to understand one another and support one another in facing joys and addressing challenges.  This is no different when using Fast ForWord. The program is only the program (though powerful on its own). It is being connected that promotes significant perseverance when faced with “mountains to climb”.

As we start this year, a ‘thank you’ to each of you for creating the conditions for connections, relationships, and risk-taking.

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