September – A New Year

Back to schoolWelcome back from holidays. A number of items are new this Autumn.

  • Foundations 1, along with error reports are complete (Last year, it was in progress.)
  • Student Errors are in a single report making it easier to review
  • Reading Readiness and the RPI have been upgraded to html (No more Flash!)
  • Usability of Foundation 1 and 2 improved – clean design making it easier to understand
  • Reading Levels are in progress

These go a long way in making the program more efficient at responding to needs.

New Series sessions scheduled in the SD Calendar (08:30-12:00):  

  • Tues Sept 24: Start with Cognitive programs
  • Tues Oct 8: Reading Levels – Linking reading skills; Reading Assistant -fluency/comprehension 
  • Tues Jan 21 – Reports and Interventions 

These sessions are for anyone interested in using the program to support struggling readers. Workshops include beginning the program, jumpstart for those who are looking for a refresher and for those seeking updated interventions and reports review. Please email if you have any questions.

O365 Resources:

All students have access to O365. This suite includes a group of tools (Immersive Reader – text-to-speech, Dictate – speech-to-text, pictorial dictionary…), which is a great complement for all learners, but especially for students who struggle with reading or writing. Support is available if you wish to delve further.

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