Interventions or even better – “Prevention Strategies” provide an important step in scaffolding learning for the student.  Intervening in a timely manner gives the best chance for getting students on track.    * This area is continually being updated.

These interventions are created locally.  If you have created others, please consider sharing with your colleagues by using the COMMENT BOX.

Using Y-Jacks with Headsets   

  • Listening in while your students are working is a way to understand the “what and how” your students are responding. CLICK HERE for visual instructions.

Visual: Stop for Clunks

  • Laminate and tape to bottom of computer monitor as a reminder.    Click here for instructions to the student.

Flashcard Template 

Intervention Results / action plan 

  • Use this template to keep a running record of your interventions and your Next Step Plans – click here