Learning Sessions – Making the Most of Fast ForWord


Fall is definitely in the air – crisp, clean and clear.  For those of you starting Fast ForWord or returning after a break, we have set this year’s 3 part series:

  * October 15, October 27, December 1; 8:30-12:00 at Schou-TLC

Each session will build upon each other (from neuroscience basics, how the program fits, what it does, reading reports and implementing timely interventions).

*Please email me if you have not signed up (sd41). 

There are a host of topics on webinars that you may be interested in taking advantage (click here):  

  • 2015 Dyslexia Research and Remediation (October is Dyslexia Month)  
  • Literacy for ELL 
  • Autism: New Research and Interventions
  • Inside the Brain of the Struggling Reader

A New Year – New Opportunities

summerreadWelcome back!  It’s been a fabulous summer, especially with the spectacular weather offering lots of opportunities to rest, rejuvenate and re-energize.

We anticipate a very exciting year filled with new connections and new ways to look at past practices.  This summer, some schools were upgraded to the new Active Directory – School Connect structure [replacing Novell].  This along with other projects will continue throughout the year.

We’ve done a little work over the summer in readjusting some of the sites and licenses. This streamlines the experience for both teacher and student.  As well, all student progress and assessment reports are now located on the same teacher login site (one stop shop). I will host a webinar session [Sept 11, Sept 19] on the new design process – please make sure to sign up on the Staff Development Calendar if you are interested in walking through the changes in the platform.  New sessions are also set for sites who are joining Fast ForWord this year.  For your convenience, these are listed on the blog under Announcements. Registration is through the SD Calendar.
If you are interested in having Fast ForWord as part of your site’s Tier 3 intervention program, please email me.

We’re looking forward to a great year of learning and supporting each other to grow.


Happy New Year – September 2012

Welcome back.

This is a very exciting year with the transition to our new online platform.  This has allowed us some flexible options in how we deliver the program, how we support more students, and how we engage in deeper conversations about our students’ learning journey. In anticipation of the process, this blog has been revamped to reflect some of change processes as well as new documents to use.

Here is an update on certain implementation processes (details will be emailed to each site).

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Happy New School Year

Welcome back to another year of fabulous discoveries, happenings and journeys. My summer was packed as usual with family things and events, connecting with old friends and making new friends in new places.  Oh and lots of food, great food!

We grew at the end of June!  We’re very excited that Stoney Creek has joined our sites offering Fast ForWord.  The other very exciting news is that we now have the Reading Series at every site.  This will help to broaden the opportunities to support our students as they gain confidence in their reading skills.  As well, all sites have been upgraded to version 5 providing a sleeker view and some changes in the tools functionality area. Continue reading “Happy New School Year”

January 2011 – Learning on the Calendar

Welcome to 2011. It’s the start of a new year and just the time to check what’s happening in the calendar.  Since we moved our Learning Session Registrations online, we’ve had many people say how easy it is to check for events and to register.  However, because it is so dynamic, sometimes in our busyness we forget to constantly check it for new events and sessions. So just to give you a taste of some options to support both Fast ForWord and the multi-literacies:

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