Family Literacy Day Celebration

On Tuesday, we had a fabulous celebration of Family Literacy Day.  After a quick assembly in the gym with a funny story (Guess Again by Mac Barnett) we headed off to play board games.  As I was moving around the school I heard so many great conversations about rules for playing and strategies, turn taking and counting – everyone was engaged!  We had several games of chess, variations on Monopoly, Apples to Apples, Pictionary, and some games which were new to me like Sequence and Qwirkle.  It was wonderful to have so many parents and younger siblings join us for playing games, it truly made it a Family Literacy Day!

Family Literacy Day is coming!

Are you ready for Family Literacy Day?  We are getting ready at Confed.  The theme is “15 Minutes of Fun” and we are planning a school-wide board game playing event for Tuesday, January 27 in the morning.  You can read more about how board games and play support literacy in this article from 2011.  There are also lots of ideas for how you can celebrate at home on Life Literacy Canada‘s website.