Internet Safety

March’s topic for digital citizenship is internet safety, and Division 7 explored that in the library today.  We brainstormed what we already knew about staying safe online, and came up with quite a comprehensive list.  The students then worked in pairs and trios to create a comic using the Halftone app on the iPads to share one of the rules.

Some other important ideas not shown in the comics were

  • Get a parent’s permission before visiting a new site downloading anything
  • Visit sites you know and follow the age limits
  • Don’t share personal information (name, age, school) with anyone online
  • Tell a grown up if you come across something that makes you feel uncomfortable or upset

Tumblebook Library

Tumblebooks has given Burnaby schools access to their library, for free for the rest of this school year!  You can find books online which will appeal to all grades and ages: graphic novels, ebooks, fiction, non-fiction, and picture books.  I especially like the feature that will read picture books aloud, great when you have a few minutes to fill waiting for an appointment or a bus.  Students can access them at school by clicking on this icon


on the school website.  To access from home you will need to log in, just email Ms. Collins to get the user name and password.

Family Literacy Day

We celebrated Family Literacy Day yesterday with some fun Under the Sea family reading.  The library, art room, and music room were transformed into watery wonderlands, complete with ripples on the ceiling and the sound of waves.  Thank you to those families who were able to join us for reading yesterday!

  • Under the Sea reading in the art room

A visit from author David Smith

On Friday we were very lucky to have a visit from author David Smith.  Mr. Smith has written the books “If the World Were a Village”, “This Child, Every Child”, and “If… a Mind-bending New Way of Looking at Big Ideas and Numbers.”

David Smith gave a presentation to the whole school telling us a bit about his books, and how he created them.  He also explained why it is important to learn about the world, including some very funny mis-translations of slogans.  “Finger-licking good” became “Eat Your Fingers Off” when KFC first moved into China.  I think all the students had a clearer understanding of population density after a demonstration.  Seven students representing China’s population started off sitting on twelve chairs representing China’s area.  As chairs were taken away, because some of the land is uninhabitable or no one lives there, the seven students ended sharing two chairs!

For the rest of the day David Smith gave workshops to some of the classes where he talked about the world and his books in more detail.  Students got to hear about how people live in other parts of the world, learn about borders and maps, watch a video to visualize the vastness of space, and take a closer look at the global village.

David Smith visit

It was a great day, thanks to the PAC for sponsoring this informative day with a world-famous author!


When Santa Was a Baby

I always try to find a couple new Christmas books for the library every winter, and this year I found one which is really fun!


“When Santa Was a Baby” by Linda Bailey & Genevieve Godbout is a very sweet imagining of what Santa might have been like when he was younger.  From laughing with a hearty “Ho, ho ho!” as an infant, to giving away his birthday presents as a young child, to his strange fascination with chimneys, this book attempts to explain how Santa became the jolly man who gives away presents every year at Christmas!

Confed Reads 250

The home reading club has started again at Confederation Park for Division 4-10.  The goal this year is to read at home for 250 days!  You will need to read almost every day between now and June to reach 250.  You will still be able to finish if you miss a few days here and there, but try to read every day.  Bright pink sheets were sent out this week or last week, and you can start recording your reading from October 1st.

The home reading club for Division 1-3 will look a bit different this year.  Stay tuned for more information from Ms. Collins!

Family Literacy Day Celebration

On Tuesday, we had a fabulous celebration of Family Literacy Day.  After a quick assembly in the gym with a funny story (Guess Again by Mac Barnett) we headed off to play board games.  As I was moving around the school I heard so many great conversations about rules for playing and strategies, turn taking and counting – everyone was engaged!  We had several games of chess, variations on Monopoly, Apples to Apples, Pictionary, and some games which were new to me like Sequence and Qwirkle.  It was wonderful to have so many parents and younger siblings join us for playing games, it truly made it a Family Literacy Day!