A visit from author David Smith

On Friday we were very lucky to have a visit from author David Smith.  Mr. Smith has written the books “If the World Were a Village”, “This Child, Every Child”, and “If… a Mind-bending New Way of Looking at Big Ideas and Numbers.”

David Smith gave a presentation to the whole school telling us a bit about his books, and how he created them.  He also explained why it is important to learn about the world, including some very funny mis-translations of slogans.  “Finger-licking good” became “Eat Your Fingers Off” when KFC first moved into China.  I think all the students had a clearer understanding of population density after a demonstration.  Seven students representing China’s population started off sitting on twelve chairs representing China’s area.  As chairs were taken away, because some of the land is uninhabitable or no one lives there, the seven students ended sharing two chairs!

For the rest of the day David Smith gave workshops to some of the classes where he talked about the world and his books in more detail.  Students got to hear about how people live in other parts of the world, learn about borders and maps, watch a video to visualize the vastness of space, and take a closer look at the global village.

David Smith visit

It was a great day, thanks to the PAC for sponsoring this informative day with a world-famous author!


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