True Blue by Deborah Ellis

This book has been sitting beside my bed for months. I’d start it, and then put it down, even though I wasn’t minding it. Jess and her best friend Casey are counselors at a summer camp. One of their charges, Stephanie, has serious behavioural issues and incessantly challenges the two girls. When Stephanie turns up murdered, Casey is charged with the crime and Jess is more concerned with her own issues than those of her now-former friend. The plot line of the book is compelling, but I found some of the characters extremely frustrating. Jess is a spineless girl who will do anything to hang out in the cool crowd. Casey is the most intriguing, but I felt like I didn’t really get to understand her personality.

But…I still enjoyed the book and I am a big fan of Ellis. Trying to make sense of the dynamics of friendship and the confusion of people’s intentions are the best reasons for reading this book. And I like both of those topics, so I’d still recommend it.

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