Division 7 read the book, “Beautiful” by Stacy McAnulty. They discussed the concept of “beauty” and how everyone is beautiful in their own way. They talked about identity and reflected on what attributes make each of us unique. The students finished with an identity poem and silhouette art project.

Here are a couple of poems:

I Am Kaitlyn

I am creative and kind

I wonder about beautiful nature

I want to be an artist

I pretend to be an animal

I feel excited when I see an animal

I cry when someone is mean to me

I dream about animals

I try to trust animals

I hope I have a good life

I am ME

I am Joshua

I am smart and kind

I wonder about Canada

I want to be a soccer player

I pretend I am a police officer

I feel happy that I have Pokemon cards

I worry about my Lego being broken by my little brother

I dream about Mindcraft

I try my best at basketball

I hope it snows again next winter

I am ME

Division 8 – Check out the fabulous playbills created by our grade 1’s and displayed in the Division 8 windows.  Definitely worth a visit!

Division 5 have been working with the them of “FAIRYTALES” in their ADST initiatives. Check out their “bridge building” for 3 Billy Goats Gruff and catapults for Little Red Riding Hood. The catapults shoot cookies over the forest to granny’s house!!

Division 9 have been working with the themes of “Friendship, Family & Community” in relation to Beauty and the Beast.

They have begun to keep track of their acts of kindness (trying to get to 100 before the end of February).​​

They are creating a kindness flip book in which they describe kind things they do for their friends, family and community.

They have compared their community with the community that Belle ‘lives’ in.  Click on the link below to see the graphic organizer.

bb community

Division 9 – ADST and Arts Integration in the class room…

Division 2 – “Faire les Crepes”

In Music, Division 1 & 2 are working on a “MUSICAL THEATRE” unit.  Let’s learn some new vocabulary!

Division Ten had our own Mrs. Potts come in for a character visit today to talk about her role in Beauty and the Beast.  Div. 10 are also studying both traditional and non-traditional types of fairytales.  Check out some of these cool “Cinderella Penguins”.

Division One have been using the following website to deepen their learning with themes from Beauty and the Beast 


The students also responded to an article from the following website.  https://www.rd.com/culture/beauty-and-the-beast-life-lessons/

Division One students have also designed their own eye-catching playbills for our upcoming show!

Culinary Arts!  The last two days, our intermediate students have had the opportunity to hone in on their cooking skills with a professional French chef.  Students used their new skill set to make delicious French crepes!  






Stained glass art work by Division 6.

Some art inspired pieces by Division 7.