Costume Letter

We have begun designing and creating our costumes for Beauty and the Beast.  Over the next few weeks, primary teachers will be reaching out to their parent group for assistance in making these costumes.
Our intermediate students play “villagers” in this production.  Students are asked to take responsibility to design and create their own costume.  There has been great conversation in class about what their costumes could look like and these conversations will continue until each student has their own costume.  The school has a substantial costume inventory and are able to support many of the needs of the students.  We have many long skirts, vests, and aprons that students are welcome to use.  In fact, many of our students have already been fitted with these pieces.  Please have a conversation with your child to see how you might be able to support their costume needs.  Perhaps, it is providing a shirt, a hat, a shawl or apron, etc.  

Initial Costume Designs by our students