Burnaby District Scholarship info coming this weekend

The following scholarships will be offered this year by the Burnaby School District.  Search these scholarships in the search bar and start preparing your responses.  Full details will be posted this weekend.

These applications are due Tuesday, April 2nd.


SPIRIT OF B.C. (new)

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$500 Urban Spirit Scholarship for students of Aboriginal ancestry: Due May 15th

Urban Spirit Foundation Scholarship

Two awards of $500 each to students of Aboriginal ancestry who apply for the scholarship and meet the following criteria:

* are of Aboriginal ancestry

* embodies the goals of the Aboriginal Enhancement Agreement

o Demonstrates a sense of identity and culture

o Demonstrates ongoing involvement within the school and greater community

o Strong academic standing

* be enrolled in a post-secondary institution (full time)

* demonstrate financial need

The District Scholarship Committee will review all applications in consultation with Aboriginal Education to determine the students to be honoured with this award.

Application form is HERE.

Due May 15th, 2019.

$750 BTA Aboriginal ancestry scholarship: Due April 2nd

The Burnaby Teachers’ Association annually awards a scholarship of $750.00 to a student ofAboriginal Ancestry who will be graduating from Grade Twelve in a Burnaby public school. As with all BTA scholarships, we make the award and then issue the money when we receive confirmation of enrolment in any post-secondary institution.

Application form is available HERE.

Due April 2nd to Ms. Falsetto and the Byrne Creek Scholarship Committee.

$15,000 in Michael J. Fox Scholarships available for Visual and Performing Arts students: Due April 1st

Are you a Visual and Performing Arts student who shows interest, dedication  and aptitude in an arts or in multiple arts disciplines, e.g. dance, drama, music, visual art, theatre, script writing, stagecraft, directing, media arts?  This scholarship may be for you!


  • Confirmation that you are currently enrolled in a visual or performing arts course in a Burnaby secondary school.
  • Documentation to demonstrate your interest, dedication and aptitude in an arts or in multiple arts disciplines, e.g. dance, drama, music, visual art, theatre, script writing, stagecraft, directing, media arts.
  • Evidence of your financial need and an explanation of why there are no other financial resources available to you.
  • A history of your school and/or community involvement (i.e. school productions, student government, choir member, volunteer work, charity work, service clubs).
  • A copy of your secondary school transcript to demonstrate that your grades are high enough for acceptance to a post-secondary educational institution.
  • A statement that indicates your desired post-secondary Degree or Certificate in an Arts discipline and your Career Goal.

More information and application form is HERE.

Application is due to Ms. Falsetto on Monday, April 1st. Then, the Byrne Creek VPA department will narrow down our candidates for this District scholarship. Finally, Ms. Falsetto will submit your application at the Burnaby District Scholarship meeting on April 10th.

3 x $1,000 South Burnaby Metro Club bursaries: Due March 31, 2019

The South Burnaby Metro Club will be awarding 3 x $1,000 bursaries representing our youth soccer, basketball, and baseball programs. The bursaries are open to all graduating grade 12 students who have been in the past or present actively involved with one of our programs for a minimum of three years.  Multiple sport applications will be accepted, however, you must have participated for at least three years in each specified sport.

More information is available HERE.

Applications are due Tuesday, March 31, 2019.

$1,000 Burnaby Sports Hall of Fame Scholarships for athletes: Due April 15th

Since it was incorporated in 1892, Burnaby has produced many fine athletes. The Burnaby Sports Hall of Fame was formed in 2001 to honour Burnaby’s past athletic excellence. The Hall also encourages future excellence in athletics, academics and sportsmanship by offering $1,000 scholarships to a male athlete and a female athlete from Burnaby.

Eligibility requirements:

• A graduating Grade 12 student enrolled at a B.C. secondary school (public or private). Priority will be given to those attending school in Burnaby

• A resident of Burnaby for at least the past three years

• Future plans to attend a post-secondary institution on a full-time basis

• Show evidence of high athletic ability and performance

• Maintain a minimum of a C+ average (a copy of the most recent transcript must be included)

• Demonstrated leadership

• Be active in school and community

Application form is available HERE.

Application is due April 15th, 2019.

2 x $1,000 Lumen Scholarships for graduates impacted by invisible illnesses: Due April 30th

​LUMEN Society is offering 2 scholarships, of $1000 each, for 2019 high school graduates who have been impacted by invisible illnesses. 

Invisible illnesses are health conditions that are not visibly apparent, including mental health conditions, autoimmune diseases, and learning disabilities. This scholarship is open to people who have been impacted by invisible illnesses in any way. Whether you have an invisible illness yourself or someone in your life has an invisible illness that has impacted you, you are eligible to apply.

Website and application info is HERE.

Application due April 30th, 2019.


NEW BURNABY SCHOLARSHIP: $1,000 Spirit of BC Scholarship for students passionate about athletics, visual arts, OR performing arts: due Tuesday, April 2nd

To be considered for the award the student should:

  • be passionate about athletics, visual arts or performing arts
  • for athletics – involved in school or community as a player, manager or other  contributing role
  • for visual arts – demonstrate evidence through a portfolio of work
  • for performing arts – involved in school or community as a performer or a supporting role
  • have demonstrated having a positive influence in the school or community through community service or volunteer work and through dedication and hard work
  • exemplify good citizenship and strong character demonstrating personal responsibility and respect for others
  • maintained a good academic standing
  • demonstrated plans to continue with education in a post-secondary program
  • formally submitted a completed application package to the school’s scholarship committee

General information is HERE.

Application form is available HERE.

Application is due to Ms. Falsetto before Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019.

Up to $40,000 Capilano University Scholarships and Awards: due

The new Capilano Community Leadership Awards (CCLA), valued at $2,500, recognize high school students who are entering the university with a strong academic standing, as well as leadership and volunteerism in the community. We are pleased to be able to partner with you on the nomination process for these new awards.
Our premier entrance scholarships are the Capilano Excellence Scholarships (CAPX), valued at up to $40,000 each. Ten of these four year renewable scholarships are available to high school graduates who demonstrate excellence in academics and show leadership in their school and community.
Full details on all of our entrance awards, including eligibility, is available on our website at capilanou.ca/entrance-awards.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Financial Aid and Awards at finaid@capilanou.ca.
Jillian Feist
Associate Registrar, Academic Advising and Financial Aid and Awards
The application deadline for all entrance awards is March 1, 2019.