$100,000 Schulich Scholarship: Deadline to apply is Wednesday, January 10th

50 Schulich Scholarships are awarded each year:

  • 25 at $100,000 for engineering
  • 25 at $80,000 for science, technology or mathematics

Schulich Leader Scholarships are prestigious entrance scholarships awarded to high school graduates enrolling in Science, Technology,Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) programs at our 20 Canadian partner universities.

Recognizing the increasing importance and impact that STEM disciplines will have on the prosperity of future generations, businessman and philanthropist Seymour Schulich established this $100 million scholarship fund in 2012 to encourage our best and brightest students to be the next pioneers of global scienti c research and innovation.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Graduate high school or Cégep in the 2017/2018 academic year
  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Plan to enroll in STEM at one of our partner universities
  • Meet at least two of the following criteria:
    • Academic excellence
    • Leadership (community, business or entrepreneurial)
  • Financial need
  • Not planning a career as a medical practitioner

Byrne Creek will nominate one student. Deadline to apply to the Byrne Creek Scholarship Committee is Wednesday, January 10th, 2018.

The official deadline to apply to the Schulich Foundation is Thursday, February 22nd.

More information is available HERE.

Schulich website is HERE.


Ms. Falsetto



$1000 B. Davis Scholarship: Deadline is Tuesday, May 22nd (mark this in your calendar)

The B. Davis Scholarship is not an academic scholarship.  In order to apply, you must write an essay of less than 1000 words on the topic below:

Describe the three characteristics of leadership you value most.  Discuss why you believe that these traits are so important and how you feel that they are developed in an individual.

Your submission must be sent by email at awards@studentawardsearch.com.

For more details, please visit their website HERE.

Deadline to apply is Tuesday, May 22nd.

Please mark this in your calendar on April 22nd to remind yourself.


SHAD: For exceptional Grade 10-12 and International students who are focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math: Deadline to apply is Monday, November 20th

What is SHAD?

SHAD is a Canadian summer enrichment program.  It empowers exceptional high school students – at a pivotal point in their education – to recognize their own capabilities and envision their extraordinary potential as tomorrow’s leaders and change makers. Each year, SHAD provides the opportunity for 900 top-performing grade 10-12 students from across Canada and internationally to attend a month-long summer program, in-residence at one of our Canadian host universities, focused on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts & math).

SHAD provides the unique opportunity to explore a university campus while still in high school, and experience higher learning in a supportive yet challenging environment. Included are lectures, seminars and workshops, presentations by industry leaders, working in teams to simulate a ‘startup’ project, and recreational activities. Meanwhile, parents can rest assured that SHAD works intensively with our university campus partners to ensure student safety, well-being, and access to needed services.

Who is eligible to apply?

All high school students (grades 10 – 12, including International) who have an interest in STEAM, demonstrate creativity, intellectual curiosity, leadership and a desire to make a difference in their community are encouraged to apply. While it is a competitive application process, SHAD recognizes that leadership and intellectual curiosity can be shown in many ways including by overcoming obstacles. SHAD is not just for the most vocal student leaders or those with the highest average; SHAD is looking for change makers – youth who want to embrace their Uncommon Purpose and bring about real, positive change.

Students selected through the rigorous, competitive process for places in the summer program are top performers who are also well-rounded emerging leaders demonstrating initiative, creativity and flair. They are leaders in their schools, volunteers in their communities, and are often gifted musicians, artists and athletes.

More detailed information is available on the SHAD website HERE.

SHAD Program Brochure is HERE.

Deadline to apply is Monday, November 20, 2017.

Discovery Day in Health Sciences at BC Children’s Hospital – only two Byrne applicants permitted

BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute is hosting their annual Discovery Days in Health Science. High school students and teachers from Vancouver and surrounding areas are again invited to explore careers in medicine and other sciences via a keynote lecture, interactive workshops and discussion with a panel of professionals from various related disciplines.  The organizers are currently developing the workshop catalogue and more information will be released soon. In the mean time, the general agenda is HERE.

Each school is permitted to submit only two applicants.  If more than two students are interested, then an application will be required. When I receive more information from the organizers of this event, I will be post it.  Please check the bulletin and Twitter for updates.


Ms. Falsetto



Are you looking for some guidance when applying for scholarships? Attached are files from Raphaella’s scholarship presentation today. There are great resources attached here.

A very special thanks to Raphaella Robles for preparing and sharing her valuable experience and insight into applying for scholarships.  Her powerpoint and related files are attached here.





Please email me at laida.falsetto@sd41.bc.ca with questions.


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Are you taking an EVERFI course? If yes, scholarship info here

Did an EVERFI course have a positive impact on your life? Did you learn something that will help you succeed now or in the future? Enter the EVERFI Scholarship Contest to share your story!

Two winning students will:

  • Receive a $1,000 scholarship to be deposited into a RESP Savings Account.

  • Have their stories featured on the EVERFI blog.

Answer ONE of the following questions in approximately 500 words:

1. What are the three most important topics or skills that you learned from this EVERFI course? Explain how each of these things will help you now and in the future.

2. What are your dreams for the future (university, travel, career, etc.)? Explain how what you learned in this EVERFI course will help you reach those goals. 

3. How did this EVERFI course help connect what you’re learning in the classroom to the real world? Please give specific examples.

Start guide is HERE.

Please see your Business Ed teacher for details.


Information regarding UBC Major Entrance Scholarships – decision depends on your personal and academic profiles: deadline to apply is December 1



UBC is looking for the most accomplished and promising Canadian citizens and permanent residents to join our community. The Major Entrance Scholarship (MES) program offers the most prestigious awards available to entering students at UBC, including a one-time award of approximately $5,000 and renewable awards of up to $40,000 payable over four years.

These scholarships recognize students who excel across the board and who have demonstrated academic and leadership achievements in the arts, community, athletics, and school.

What is new about this award?

Students are no longer nominated for the award. Students will be automatically considered for a Major Entrance Scholarship if they apply to UBC through the online application by December 1. This is the only way to apply for a Major Entrance Scholarship. The information that Canadian applicants submit in their Academic Profile and Personal Profile sections of the online application will be used for admissions and for consideration for the Major Entrance Scholarship.

Who is eligible?

High school and CEGEP students who are Canadian citizens and permanent residents are eligible.

How do students apply?

Students wishing to be considered for a Major Entrance Scholarship must submit their online application by December 1. This includes paying the admission fee and completing all sections of your UBC online application.

All high school applicants will be evaluated for the Major Entrance Scholarship based on their Academic Profile and Personal Profile sections of the online application.

When will students be notified?

UBC will contact all applicants who are being considered for a Major Entrance Scholarship by the end of day April 28. Only applicants who are being considered for a Major Entrance Scholarship will be contacted.

Click HERE for the website.

Up to $40,000 UBC Centennial Award for students in financial need: Deadline is Friday, December 1st

The UBC Centennial Scholars Entrance Award program assists students in transition from secondary school and other post-secondary institutions to UBC. The purpose of this program is to support academically qualified students who show an interest in joining the UBC community, but who would not otherwise be able to attend without significant financial assistance.

This program offers entering students one-time and renewable awards of up to $40,000 payable over four years. There are opportunities for students studying on UBC’s Vancouver campus to receive full-ride awards, ranging in value up to the full cost of a student’s program and living expenses. The Centennial Scholars Entrance Award is separate from the Major Entrance Scholarships. Students are eligible to apply for both awards, provided they meet the criteria.

Click HERE for the website.

Deadline is Friday, December 1, 2017.

Please see me with any questions.  I’m also available to help edit your responses.

Best wishes,

Ms. Falsetto



$70,000 TD Canada Trust Scholarship for Community Leadership: Deadline Friday, November 17th

Community heroes do good work because they are inspired to, not for the recognition

Unique in Canada, the TD Scholarships for Community Leadership are designed to recognize the achievements of youth who are making a difference and help them realize their educational goals. After all, today’s community-minded students are tomorrow’s leaders. Have you made your community a better place? Then we want to hear from you. You may qualify for one of our Community Scholarships.

Two easy ways to apply

TD Scholarships for Community Leadership are open to students across Canada who are in their final year of high school or CEGEP (in Quebec); have a minimum overall grade average of 75% in their most recently completed school year and have demonstrated community leadership.

Read the terms and conditions

1. Apply online


2.Download your application here. Print and mail your completed application with your supporting documents.

Include all your supporting documents and ensure that your application is received by November 17, 2017. All applications and correspondence should be sent by registered mail to:

Universities Canada
Ref: TD Scholarships for Community Leadership
350 Albert Street, Suite 1710
Ottawa, ON K1R 1B1

Details on the website are HERE.

Deadline: Friday, November 17, 2017.

Please complete your Personal Profile before Friday, November 3, 2017

Dear Grads,

Please complete and return the PERSONAL PROFILE HERE before Friday, November 3rd to B110.  It will help the scholarship committee determine your potential eligibility for scholarships that may come our way.

Some tips:

  • make sure your check your email… welcome to the “older generation”
  • make sure your email address has your name in it. You may need to start a new email address.  I recommend using gmail because it appears more professional.
  • ask your parents if their place of work offers a scholarship

Please contact me with any questions. I’m happy to help.

Ms. Falsetto