Social Studies


Elections BC – Voting Systems – an introduction to the three proportional voting systems to be the object of the Elections BC referendum

Fair Vote BC– explanation of Proportional Representation


Kinder Morgan Inquiry Project
Sample Byrne Creek student Social Studies Inquiry Projects on YouTube


Statistics Canada
World Atlas: Nystrom Canada – 
explore world maps, graphs, photos and links

CBC Archives
– an archive of older news clips
Coquitlam Social Studies Binder – an impressive teacher resource created by Coquitlam teachers in 2001
KnowBC – includes the Encyclopedia of British Columbia as well as other BC resources. If accessing this site from home you must log in using your school’s username (from the student agenda) and the password: search
Library and Archives Canada
Saskatchewan Archives – primary sources that have been bundled on a variety of Canadian history topics


Official Party Websites

Bloc Québécois
Conservative Party of Canada
Green Party of Canada
Liberal Party of Canada
New Democratic Party

Further Information

FactsCan -an independent political fact-checker which examines politicians statements, separating the truth from the spin.
I Can Party -select a policy and then see how each party stands. Includes lots of supportive links as well as a debate guide with links to these debates on Youtube.
Pollenize -select a party, view a brief biography of the leader then and find their views on various issues. Includes lots of supportive links as well as a handy sidebar to compare stances.
Vote Compass -fill out this survey and discover which party your views align with. After filling out the survey you can explore party and candidate platforms further.