Science 8

Body Systems Inquiry

In class we have had overviews of each body system. Now you will dig deeper by investigating and reporting on a big question pertaining to one of the body systems (Respiratory, Digestive, Circulatory, Excretory, Immune, Reproductive, Nervous, or Skeletal).

You must present one “Big Question” relating your body system to a larger real world issue.  For example, “How does pollution contribute to asthma and what are ways that we could reduce the effect?” or “How do the systems of the body work together to maximize performance for an athlete and how can we influence this output?”

The library has many print resources for you as well as online databases. There are also several web resources listed below. Use EasyBib to track all the resources you use for your inquiry.

KidsHealth – sections for kids, teens and parents. Also has possible question guiding links, videos, articles and activities.
InnerBody – overviews and interactive diagrams of the body systems
The Franklin Institute – information, diagrams and pictures of the heart
How Stuff Works – quizzes, info on body systems and parts, diseases and conditions, medicine and mental health
National Geographic – includes all kinds of videos, pics and articles about how the body works and issues related to health. It also has animations on how the body works and disorders that affect it.
Anatronica – interactive body 3D
10 Terrific Human Body and Anatomy Websites for Kids – links to sites that could be used as resources

Healthy Relationships

It is a BIG deal –  learn about love vs. control in dating relationships, Canada’s sexual consent laws and identifying when and how to get help (click on the download button)

What’s the Deal? – learn about healthy relationships, boundaries and cyberbullying (click on the download button)

Be SMART, Strong & Safe – learn about online and offline personal safety (click on the download button)