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Geography Club DVD
Geography Club Discussion Questions

DATING – How can you identify an abusive relationship?

Reviving Ophelia DVD
Reviving Ophelia Questions
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Planning Tools

Discover Skills BC – “provides easy access for secondary students to the many educational opportunities available to them in trades and technology training”

Finance – this site helps teachers teach and students learn basic financial life skills.”

Career Cruising – Login using the following information, then create your own profile and explore your career options: Username: byrne; Password: creek

Work BC – Explore the job prospects and employment outlook for your future career goal.

Education Planner – Click on the Login button to create your account and then explore your post- secondary options in BC.

Budget Calculator – Use the GetSmarterAboutMoney website to calculate your budget requirements for your post-secondary education.

Writing a Resume – Use the Government of Canada Services for Youth website to write a current resume. This website also has other tips including writing a cover letter and how to prepare for an interview.

Transferable Skills – How do your current activities relate to potential employment and your life goals?

Employability Skills – Explore the skills needed for the world of work.

Health Canada Food Guide – Click on “Start Building My Food Guide” to create your personalized food guide.

It Is a Big Deal – learning about relationships and sexual consent (click on the download button to read the PDF)