Byrne Creek’s GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance) LGBTQ Resources:

Ask Me: What LGBTQ Students Want Their Teachers to Know from the Chronicle of Higher Education (12 min. video on Vimeo)

Genderize (13 min. CBC short doc)
The director of this short documentary talks to three children (who are siblings) ages 12, 10 and 6 about gender, puberty, school, and parents. Four years later, the director revisits them to touch base on the same topics.

Gender Explained Using Continuums

The Genderbread Person -this site includes an in-depth explanation for this diagram showing the differences between sexual/romantic attraction (sexual orientation), biological sex/gender identity, and gender expression.


LGBTQ Vocabulary

Comprehensive List of LGBTQ Vocabulary Definitions -a useful resource explaining some of the terms that may come up in introducing ourselves.

Preferred Gender Pronouns -this link includes a list of gender neutral pronouns and why and how we might use them. It also provides a possible script demonstrating how to broach and discuss this subject.

OUT in Schools

Out in Schools is a British Columbia based film-focused resource offering films, curriculum connections and supporting classroom workshops.