Grad Transitions

Before you graduate you must complete a Graduation Transitions Plan.

TO GET STARTED…..Sign up to My Blueprint 

Go to 
Select Sign Up box at the top of the screen 
Click “Select School” from the pull down menu > select Byrne Creek Secondary School
Create Account 
> Select Student

Select Grade > Continue 

Fill in Personal Info > First Name > Last Name >  

Fill in your birthdate and PEN # (Personal Education Number) ***not student # > Continue 

Personalize and fill in Account Info > Email & Password > Continue. 

Your myBlueprint account has been created! Get Started! 

On the Home Page > go to Classes & link to your Grad Transitions 12 (2018- 2019) class. Complete the assignments:

I. Who am I? (Complete the 5 surveys)
1. Learning Styles
2. Personality
3. Interest
4. Motivation
5. Knowledge

II. Occupational Match
Click on the heart to favour two or to indicate occupations that you want to explore or may be interested in.

III. Post Secondary Match

To complete a Graduation Transitions Plan, you may complete the “yellow form” by hand using the various links below. Or you may download the following digital version and complete it on your computer.



STEP 2: SAVE it onto a USB drive or “My Documents” folder.  (NOTE: The GT Plan form might open into a new tab. DON’T START WORKING WITH THIS FORM yet because you CANNOT SAVE anything in this on-line form).

STEP 3: Close the on-line form. OPEN THE FILE YOU SAVED and work your way through the six pages, saving as you go.

STEP 4: Sign in to your My Blueprint account to get access to the activities and course materials. 

STEP 5: Print off your completed form (DOUBLE-SIDED) and hand it in to Ms. Woo in Student Services. Don’t forget to also attach the 4 other documents you printed along the way (also DOUBLE-SIDED).



Transferable Skills

Find out what skills you have learned through various school subjects and activities that you can apply to your life in the future and that will help you achieve your goals

Employability Skills

Identify the skills that you have that enable you to enter the world of work and can be used beyond the work place in a range of daily activities.

Budget Calculator

Click: Financial Planning Form  and save to your folder. This spreadsheet will help you complete the chart on page 5 of the GT form. Click enable editing to save the template and complete the sections that pertain to you. Transfer the relevant sections to the GT form.
For more information about making a budget. check out StepChange.

Writing a Resume

Use the Government of Canada Services for Youth website to write a current resume. This website also has other tips including writing a cover letter and how to prepare for an interview.

Health Canada Food Guide

Explore “Canada’s food guide” web page to gather ideas and information about healthy eating. Create a plan for a day of healthy eating by completing the worksheet on page 7 of the Grad Transitions Plan.

Education Planner

Click on the Login button to create your account and then explore your post- secondary options in BC.

Provincial Exams

Explore the many resources on this government website: