Sopithan & Burnaby Teacher Librarians present…

Grade 12 Byrne Creek student Sopithan Rajeswaran has created another terrific
video- this one is on behalf of the Burnaby Teacher Librarian Association.

This music video is dedicated to all the readers and those who are learning how to read through the Burnaby School District. It would not be possible without the work and support of teachers, support staff, administrators, trustees, parents and all the community members.

Word-Image Exchange


Mariette Doduck, who as a young Jewish girl survived the Holocaust of World War II, came to visit with several of our classes to share her riveting stories, for which we are very grateful.

As a follow up to her visit, Mr. Smith’s English 9 class composed poems based on her presentation, while Ms. McLeod’s two Art classes prepared sketches for prints, also based on her presentation. Then the students exchanged their work: for each poem, an artist tried to create a visual, and for each sketch, a writer composed a poem to match.

This exhibit is the result of that exchange, poems and images working together to reflect the new understandings we have taken away from Ms. Doduck’s harrowing experiences.

We hope you, too, are affected, and come away with a desire to know more about this terrible and significant time in our history.



Byrne Creek Art Installation at the Vancouver Aquarium

Byrne Creek students’ handmade jellyfish are hanging on display at the Vancouver Aquarium!

final jellyfish display 700

Last month Byrne Creek students created 100 papier-mâché jellyfish while learning about marine pollution.


This art installation aims to raise awareness about how plastics from our garbage are accumulating in our oceans. Hanging amongst the jellyfish in this installation are plastic bags demonstrating how endangered sea turtles mistake plastic bags for one of their food sources- the jellyfish.

You can come see the installation for yourself in the window outside the AquaQuest entrance (50 metres North of the main Aquarium entrance).