Stickboy: the Anti-Bullying Opera


Today Byrne Creek students attended an operatic performance  of the novel Stickboy at the Michael J Fox Theatre.  Based on the book by Canadian spoken word poet Shane Koyczan, Stickboy describes Koyczan’s own childhood experiences of being bullied and then ultimately becoming a bully himself. Read an interview with Koyczan here.
Stickboy cover 100x150

Stickboy is one of this year’s Bulldogs Reads. Come to the library to borrow a copy!

Bulldogs Read Contest- How to Play

STEP 1: READ a Bulldogs Read book.

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STEP 2:  FILL OUT a ballot and drop it off at the library.

Ballots and the ballot box are in the library by the Bulldogs Read display

Bulldogs Read ballot form

STEP 3: LISTEN to Friday announcements for the winner of the weekly draw. If you’re name is called- come to the library to pick up your prize!