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Assignment #1

CLC 11_Session 1_Assignment

If you wish to download Assignment #1: click HERE

More Detailed Instructions on How To Complete Assignment #1

  1. Go to
    1. Create an account.
    2. Select “sign up”
    3. Select school: Byrne Creek Community School
    4. Click “create account”
  2. Welcome page
    1. Select student
    2. Select Grade 11
    3. Enter your personal information (do NOT fill in date of birth or student number!)
    4. Enter account information including an email address that you use regularly
    5. Log into the email account that you entered and
  3. How to link to Ms.Moore/Ms.Woo
    1. Click your name in the upper right hand corner
    2. Click My Links
    3. Scroll down to add a teacher or click Add Link
    4. Click on Ms.Moore/Ms.Woo
    5. Click send request
  4. How to create a portfolio
    1. On the home page, click Portfolios
    2. Click +Add Portfolio
    3. Title it as instructed in Assignment #1.
    4. Enter the description as CLC 11 Work and click save.
    5. In your portfolio, add a box and create a new JOURNAL named: ‘Task 1 Written Reflection’ and answer the reflection question detailed on the Assignment #1 handout.
  5. How to post a photo of yourself
    1. Inside the portfolio, click +Add box and click Add Media
    2. Upload a current appropriate/professional picture of yourself
    3. Add a tag line as requested and click Post.
  6. How to create the “Hi, Here’s A Fun Fact About Me” box
    1. Inside the Portfolio, click +Add box and click Add Journal
    2. Add the title requested
    3. Add the fact to the description box and click Post.
  7. How to complete the surveys in “Who Am I?”
    1. Go to the home screen
    2. From the pop-out menu on the left side of the Home Screen, click “Who Am I?”
    3. Click on each survey to complete.