Reading Club

Reading Club began on October 9

All students received a copy of the 50 Nights of Reading form but if yours has gone missing you can download a new one here: 50 Nights of Reading

– Four forms will come home during the year – 50 Nights, 100 Nights, 150 Nights and 200 Nights
– When a student completes 200 nights of reading they will be able to dedicate a library book.
– In June students will choose books new to our library to have a dedication sticker with their name on it at the front of the book. The following September they will be the first person to borrow that book.

Keeping Track:

 Please help your child to record each night they read, or are read to
 Initial, check or stamp a square
 Kindergarten – Grade 3 students should be reading at least 15 minutes each night.
 Grade 4 – 7 students should be reading at least 30 minutes each night.
 Please sign the completed reading log when your child completes the level.

Level Start Dates:

 50 Nights: October 9, 2018
 100 Nights: December 4, 2018
 150 Nights: February 1, 2019
 200 Nights: April 2, 2019

 Reading Club ends on May 31, 2019

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