WHMIS Creative Assignment

You are a part of an advanced civilization and you need to store some extremely hazardous waste that will not break down for millions of years. Design a label that would warn future people away from the waste. Think about how you will you account for different languages and cultures of the future. 

Please submit your label on paper with a brief description of your process. Elaborate on the meanings of the symbols. 


  • Does your label explain the contains are extremely hazardous waste? 
  • Does your image correspond to your description to multiple audiences? 


Learning to Fundraise


This project will examine financial literacy through the objective of fundraising. Fundraisers often help pay for enrichment opportunities at school, but students who are involved in sales can also benefit from the experience. This project will help you develop skills in understanding potential customers, handling money, and delivering goods. On a personal level, these types of experiences can help to improve confidence, improve communication skills, learn about personal responsibility, and practice math and financial skills.

Project Proposals:

Create a proposal for a fundraiser that a large portion of the Minischool students can participate in. All proposals need to contain the following information. You need to submit one proposal for each fundraiser.

  • Timing: Specifies the dates of the fundraiser
  • Location: Where will your fundraiser take place?
  • Materials: What do you need to bring for the fundraiser?
  • Set-up: What do you need to set-up on the day of the event?
  • Sponsorship: Is anyone making donation of materials to support your fundraiser?
  • Cost: What do you need to buy for your fundraiser?
  • Preparation: What do you need to prepare for your fundraiser?
  • Goal: How much do you plan to make from this fundraiser?
  • Parent Support: Indicates that a chaperone over the age of 18 will be present for your fundraiser.
  • Signatures: There needs to be a place for yourself, your parent/guardian, and teacher to sign.

Getting Approval:

The proposal must first be approved by Ms. Neumann. Once she has signed off, then it must go to student caucus for school approval. Any discrepancies will be discussed with Mr. Wozney.

A field trip form must also be completed by every student taking part in the fundraiser and submitted to Ms. Neumann before the event takes place.

During the Fundraiser:

           Please document a list of students who are helping with this fundraiser and where their portion of the money raised will be going. (Ex: Iceland Trip or Charity/Organization) This distribution of money raised should be indicated in your budget at the end. The teacher responsible for the fundraiser will be collecting the money made at the end of the fundraiser and will be depositing it in Alpha’s Field Trip Fund until the end of the assignment. At this point, money will either be distributed to parents or a cheque will be sent off to the appropriate charity chosen for this assignment.

After the Fundraiser:

After each fundraiser, a detailed budget and individual student reflection must be submitted to Ms. Neumann as a statement of your completion. The budget should show everything you spent to make this fundraiser happen, the money gained from this experience, and distribution of the remaining funds. The 1-page reflection should talk about the process, outlining one success, one challenge, and two sources of improvement.


  • If you are planning on going on the Iceland Fieldtrip, your goal is around $1000
  • If you are not planning on going to Iceland, your goal is around $500, however the money will either go towards an Iceland Scholarship or a Charity of your choosing.


This project will appear on your term 2 report card. Your assessments will be on:

  • Reflected on personal financial literacy skills related to fundraising.
  • Created a proposal to host a fundraising event.