Reminder about Monday, October 22nd: Japanese Students Visiting

I hope you are all enjoying your long weekend. Grade 9’s who see this, please let your classmates know about the P1 timeline! Thank you in advance. 

On Monday, October 22nd, Minischool students will be student ambassadors to our incoming visiting Japanese Students. Here is the timeline: 

8:40: Check in with your Period 1 class. All grade 9 students should do attendance then go directly to the Learning Commons. Only designated grade 8 students will go to the learning commons on Monday. Ms. Neumann will inform which grade 8 students will be going. 

10:12: Take your student to your block 2 class. The teachers have all been contacted. Be sure to encourage them and help them with any barriers, such as seating and language. 

11:34: Return your buddy to the Learning Commons. 

12:35 – 1:10: Grade 9’s will be attending the cultural fair in the Learning Commons. 


Thank you for all of your help and support welcoming in the Japanese Students to Alpha Secondary School. 

Civilization from Scratch Case Study

Hello Minischool 8,

Here is the rundown of the case study format. You must include the following: 

Title- What the Case Study is about (what you are discovering, making, etc.)

Abstract- What you plan on doing for the study (do not add any conclusions yet)

Case Report- Your research and data that you have collected

Conclusion- Conclude on your findings and what they led to? 

Use the following link to help you out: 

Best of luck!

UPDATE: We created a due date for the assignment for Monday October 15th at the START of class. Be ready to present/share your civilization in class (come early if you need to set things up). 

Parent Teacher Interviews – Mr. Murray

Hello Minischool parents,

As you may or may not have noticed, Mr. Murray is unavailable on the Parent Teacher Appointments. If you knew this already or not, I am still recovering from a cycling accident in June. Due to recovery from my accident, I am unable to physically attend these meeting although I am progressing well. If you would like me to send an update please feel free to contact me via email and I will do my best to accommodate everyone’s request in a timely fashion. Thank you all for understanding and I hope they are still enjoying Humanities! Take care,


Mr. Murray 

Civilizations From Scratch

Humanities 8 Civilization from Scratch 

Hello Minischool 8, 

Here is the Civilization From Scratch assignment that I discussed with you today that we will be working on over the next couple weeks. If you have any questions please let me know in class or email me at Best of Luck and remember that we will be creating a slam poem by your leader as the next project. Here is the breakdown of how you will be assessed on each section. Please get used to the wording and phrasing.


Transforming: The student can independently demonstrate a sophisticated understanding of the concepts and competencies by transforming knowledge in creative ways.

Applying: The student works independently, demonstrating a complete understanding of the concepts and competencies.

Developing: The student demonstrates a partial understanding of the concepts and competencies.

Emerging: The student demonstrates an initial understanding of the concept and competencies.

Mr. Murray 

Primary Source Exploration

Hello Minischool 8,

As we are exploring the Fall of Empires, we will first explore the fall of Rome as an example. To better understand these concepts we will analyze the following primary sources to deepen our understanding. Please review the 12 primary sources attached and summarize them in the best way you know how and then add your personal reflection/opinion for each. You may type your answer right underneath the document but please do this individually. Thanks and best of luck!

[Template] Primary Sources – Fall Of Rome

If you need to review your questions on Crash Course here is the youtube link:

and make sure to include the 6 Historical Thinking Concepts. THE CRASH COURSE QUESTIONS ARE DUE WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th, 2018. We will work on the Primary Sources for the Fall of Rome on Wednesday. 

Best of luck,

Mr. Murray 

BETA Minischool Classroom Roles

You will be tasked with completing one of the following roles each term. These jobs range in variety and will aid in making our BETA Minischool classroom experience as awesome as it can possibly be. Best of luck to you all!

BETA Bits of Business:

Minimum Role Expectations: 

  • Document what we are doing in class during the month. Your goal is to make our learning visible for the greater community including for parents, staff, and other schools. 
  • In your postings, try to explain what we did, how did we do it, why did we do it, and what the activity did to enhance your learning. 
  • The group is expected to submit one posting each month.
  • There are many possible forms of submission, however they must be made in a form that can be submitted to our blog. (Examples: news report, video, podcast, newspaper article, letter, animation, etc.)

Field Trips Planner: 

Minimum Role Expectations:

  • Your goal is to find local opportunities for our class to experience the content or curricular competencies we are studying. The group is expected to find and book 2 field trip opportunities for the class that relate to curriculum, are safe for students, and are financially feasible for our class. 
  • Please create a write-up on the trip, costs, schedule, contact information, what students will learn from the trip, and any other information you can provide. Submit this to Ms. Neumann.
  • Ms. Neumann will help make contact to book the fieldtrip and submit a field trip request to the board.

Jumpstart Challenges:

Minimum Role Expectations:

  • Students are expected to lead a pick/create/invent a jumpstart challenge every two weeks on Mondays (or Tuesday if there is a holiday).
  • These should be fun and lively ways to get the brain and body moving to start the week off right.
  • The activity should run for approximately 10-15 minutes of the start of class and can include things such as (but not limited to): Outdoor activities, Brain Games, Jeopardy etc.

Tech Liaison/Town Crier: 

Minimum Role Expectations:

  • Your goal is to make sure all of the iPads and Laptops are put away safely and are charging in the appropriate places in the carts each day.
  • Students will also be the Minischool’s Town Crier every 2 weeks and will bring out all of the important news from Alpha, our city and globally to the masses of the classroom.
  • You can choose to present this whatever way you please but must be presented to the class. You are encouraged to try alternative types of performance including adding in costumes, skits, and props to develop your performance.

Educational Assistant Training Program

​​Good afternoon, 

I’m reaching out because we have set our first filming date for the Educational Assistant VR Training Program

Here is a little bit about this first filmshoot: 

Time: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm, July 10th, 2018

Location: Second Street Elementary School

Roles: 4-8 students, 1 student with IEP in Escape Behavior

This is our filming attempt, and we are excited to try out some new and innovative ideas. We are looking for 4-8 students who will be playing the parts of regular classmates, engaged in an interactive lesson on tectonic plates using modeling clay. We are also looking for a student who is interested in playing the role of the student with escape behaviors. This student will be acting out in the classroom, depending on how the EA responds in the ‘chose your own adventure’. 

As this is a ‘chose your own adventure’ story, we will be needed patient actors who can ‘reset’ back to previous scenes and follow instructions. If you know anyone else, grades 7-9, who are interested in taking part, please let me know. I will ask you to please confirm if you would like to participate.  Please fill out the attached form, giving the Burnaby School District permission to film you.There will be compensation for your time. 

It is quite an exciting time to be developing Virtual Reality Content and I am looking forward to showcasing some of the local talent of Burnaby Students.

Thank you,

Ms. Neumann

 Parent Permission Form