Making a Resume for an Element

Create a 1-page resume for your selected Element. Your resume should have the following information: 

  • Name, contact information, ‘portrait’
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Qualifications Interests
  • References

Resumes should be typed and formatted neatly. If you would like help with resume formatting or guidelines, please visit:

Due Date: Monday, October 15th

BETA Students learning to Fundraise

As many of you know, The BETA-MiniSchool and students from enriched science are going to Iceland in March to learn about geysers and Earth science. Obviously trips like this are not free, and there is a significant cost along with this trip. In addition to our projects such as science fair and IDS, we now have a fundraising project until January to raise around $1000 per person if we are going to Iceland, and $500 if we aren’t going to Iceland. The $500 would be put towards a registered charity of your choice.

In Iceland, we are going to explore Þingvellir National Park, including Haukadalur home of the geysers and Þingvellir parks 84-square kilometer body of water. The lake there is also Iceland’s largest natural lake.

Another highlight of this trip is the black sand beaches. The black sand beaches consist of 5 main beaches. Reynisfjara Beach, Diamond Beach, Vik’s Beach, The beach with the solheimasandur plane wreck and Stokksnes Beach. These beaches are also one of the best scenic landscapes in Iceland. The name Black Beaches was given to these beaches because the sand is entirely black. The sand in Iceland is black because tiny fragments from the basalt lava that covers the area. The most famous black sand beaches are in Hawaii but it’s because the area is covered in volcanoes.

The fundraising consists of submitting a proposal, actually doing the fundraiser, and creating a budget for our expenses vs income. For the proposal, each of us need to specify things like timing, location, materials, preparation, cost, etc. Once you finish, it goes through a lengthy process of getting approved by Ms. Neumann, student caucus, and then maybe Mr. Wozney.

Some ideas for fundraising are things such as popcorn sales, movie nights, selling 3D printed trinkets, bagging groceries at supermarkets, etc. The ideas must be school appropriate eliminating ideas such as gambling.

If you do the fundraiser outside of school grounds, you need to submit a field trip form even if it’s outside of school hours, since it technically counts as school work as the Iceland trip is from school. Ms. Neumann or Mr. Murray will need to be with you the entire fundraiser.

After you finish, you need to do a budgeting and reflection sheet as a statement of your completion. The budget sheets we practiced included a date, name, description, income, expenses, and balance.

WHMIS Creative Assignment

You are a part of an advanced civilization and you need to store some extremely hazardous waste that will not break down for millions of years. Design a label that would warn future people away from the waste. Think about how you will you account for different languages and cultures of the future. 

Please submit your label on paper with a brief description of your process. Elaborate on the meanings of the symbols. 


  • Does your label explain the contains are extremely hazardous waste? 
  • Does your image correspond to your description to multiple audiences? 

BETA Minischool Classroom Roles

You will be tasked with completing one of the following roles each term. These jobs range in variety and will aid in making our BETA Minischool classroom experience as awesome as it can possibly be. Best of luck to you all!

BETA Bits of Business:

Minimum Role Expectations: 

  • Document what we are doing in class during the month. Your goal is to make our learning visible for the greater community including for parents, staff, and other schools. 
  • In your postings, try to explain what we did, how did we do it, why did we do it, and what the activity did to enhance your learning. 
  • The group is expected to submit one posting each month.
  • There are many possible forms of submission, however they must be made in a form that can be submitted to our blog. (Examples: news report, video, podcast, newspaper article, letter, animation, etc.)

Field Trips Planner: 

Minimum Role Expectations:

  • Your goal is to find local opportunities for our class to experience the content or curricular competencies we are studying. The group is expected to find and book 2 field trip opportunities for the class that relate to curriculum, are safe for students, and are financially feasible for our class. 
  • Please create a write-up on the trip, costs, schedule, contact information, what students will learn from the trip, and any other information you can provide. Submit this to Ms. Neumann.
  • Ms. Neumann will help make contact to book the fieldtrip and submit a field trip request to the board.

Jumpstart Challenges:

Minimum Role Expectations:

  • Students are expected to lead a pick/create/invent a jumpstart challenge every two weeks on Mondays (or Tuesday if there is a holiday).
  • These should be fun and lively ways to get the brain and body moving to start the week off right.
  • The activity should run for approximately 10-15 minutes of the start of class and can include things such as (but not limited to): Outdoor activities, Brain Games, Jeopardy etc.

Tech Liaison/Town Crier: 

Minimum Role Expectations:

  • Your goal is to make sure all of the iPads and Laptops are put away safely and are charging in the appropriate places in the carts each day.
  • Students will also be the Minischool’s Town Crier every 2 weeks and will bring out all of the important news from Alpha, our city and globally to the masses of the classroom.
  • You can choose to present this whatever way you please but must be presented to the class. You are encouraged to try alternative types of performance including adding in costumes, skits, and props to develop your performance.