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What did the grade eights do in November and December?

The primary thing would probably be the trip to Planet Lazer on November 22. There, we played laser tag to help us understand optics. Our focus was to look at all the lighting used at the centre, including the vests and ‘guns’. We had to look at how electromagnetic waves are transmitted, received, and registered. Another thing that we had to think about was the psychological effects of light in the brain. For example, some of us briefly researched how varying intensities of light cause different reactions in our brain.

We also had to create a holiday ornament in tinkercad (a 3D modeling software). The only criteria for this assignment was that it had to fit in a 4cm x 4cm x 4cm cube and that it had to represent something each student did during winter break. We had about a week to finish the ornament – by December 3. Most people related their ornament to Christmas, but some decided to focus more on the winter aspect.

On December 3, 5, and 7, we had our IDS check-ins, and set ourselves goals for the next meeting, all the way in March. The check-ins were fairly quick, so we didn’t delve into the specifics. Most sessions lasted 2-4 minutes. We should have researched our topic for at least 40 hours to meet the target set by ourselves in our plan in September.

The other highlight was the trip to Science World. There, we watched a movie on engineering, as well as looked at the PIXAR animation exhibit. Our primary focuses were the movie we watched, and reflecting on the goals we set ourselves in class. A lot of students also enjoyed the periods in between the activities, when we explored all the exhibits at Science World.

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