Wifi: What does it do for student learning?

Here’s before: 

Here’s after: 

As you can very clearly see, the amount of work being done isn’t exactly the same, is it? Why, you ask? Oh, most probably because there isn’t any Wifi around. And a lack of Wifi means no laptops or iPads, because they are connected to school servers and we can’t even log in to the laptops to do simple tasks like typing, let alone doing things like sending emails and documents back and forth or looking things up. 

And why is Wifi so important, you ask? I mean you were kids once without technology and yet you still live. Pen and paper worked just as fine as Microsoft Word, and there used to be dictionaries and encyclopedias before Google. This new generation of students is so used to the comfort and efficiency of Googling information or having AutoCorrect fix our every mistake and suggest synonyms that sometimes we forget all the things that are still possible without electronic devices. 

But at the end of the day, we need Wifi, to perform our tasks, just like you needed dictionaries. 

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