Visiting Ikea

As you guys know at the beginning of October our class had a drafting project were we had to furnish a really small Bachelors apartment. Part of our project was to add things that Ikea sold and draft them to scale on a piece of paper.

The Ikea trip was only for half the day and we took public transit to get there. That only left us about an hour and fifteen minutes to walk around and look at the many furnishings they offered and list them in our excel sheet. We had to put down the price (with tax) and write down the dimensions so we could properly put it on our draft.

Since we left as soon as we could after second block, we did not have time to eat so a good amount of our class bought food there including Ikeas famous meatballs. I tried the meatballs and I can confirm that they are very good. I love being able to be places and learn about topics in person rather than online so this was a great experience.

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