Stress of IDS and Cow Eyes glaring at you?

Doesn’t it just feel great to have IDS finally off our chests? Assuming you did well on it of course, I know I am glad it’s out of the way and I finally get to play Fortnite with my friends. I think in general though all of us did well on it and met the 90 hour quota. I remember the days leading up to this and all my friends and I were freaking out. We had to do literally like 8 hours a night for a straight week to get this finished. One of us even took my advice of “Settling is the key to happiness” and settled for 80 hours. The days leading up were stressful to say the least, but at least it’s over now.


In the same week we also dissected cow eyes. I thought it was a very fun and educational experience. I found the cow eyes texture to be rather disturbing though. It was cold, squishy and EXTREMELY sticky the whole lab I had chunks of muscle, fat and who knows what stuck to my fingers. When we go to the point of opening up the eye I squished a little too hard and cow juice hit me in the face, all this doesn’t have competition with what was by far the worst part of the lab. The smell. It smelled like week old urine and it was so strong. It was unbearable. I know I’m making this outo to sound like and awful experience but in general it was more funny than anything. I think most of us had a good time and I think we all needed a break from the drill and grill  math we were doing.

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