An adventure in learning for the grade 8’s

At the school once known as Boring Alpha Secondary but now Alpha Secondary, life continues to be great. The grade eight minischoolers with their teachers, Ms. Neumann and Mr. Murray, as well as Akira the dog, continue to amaze the world. To give readers a view of their achievements and such, some of their more recent activity is recorded here.


The grade eight minischoolers recently handed back some answered questions to Mr. Murray, regarding a graphic novel that they’d previously read in class, called Red: A Haida Manga. It featured a hundred and eight beautifully watercolour painted pages, of blended traditional haida artwork with japanese manga.

Akira, being a real graphic novel fan, absolutely loved this project, and handed in his answered questions as a very well detailed, deep minded, thoughtful write up.


B.C. Skills Canada offered many fun skill based challenges, some of which the grade eight minischoolers took part in, along with the grade nine minischoolers. The two challenges that they did were the spaghetti bridge challenge, and the wind turbine challenge.

In the spaghetti bridge challenge, competitors had to design and build a bridge using only uncooked spaghetti and hot glue. The goal was to build a lightweight bridge that can hold a kilogram in weight for sixty seconds.

In the wind turbine challenge, competitors had to design and build a fully operating wind turbine, using wood, tape, and glue. The goal was to build a wind turbine that can generate large amounts of energy.


Not long ago, the grade eight minischoolers were observed in the school library, making books cool again! After having a presentation on banned books and banned book week, they got to choose their own banned books (banned in other countries, that is). They’ll be reading the book (duh) they chose, and writing a small report on it’s banned-ness.


Finally, The grade eights together (all of the grade eights, that is) ventured on a day-long bus ride to different places of worship; a Hindu temple, a Sikh Gurdwara and a Jewish Synagogue. The building of the Hindu temple was beautiful, the food at the Sikh Gurdwara was delicious, and the seats at the Jewish Synagogue were comfy. The grade eight minischoolers, having already studied these religions and more, had no trouble filling in the info sheet that everyone was given.

The only sad things were that Akira couldn’t come, and that you couldn’t bring any of the food home afterwards!


That’s it for this week, all. The grade eight minischoolers and their teachers (also Akira) continue to be amazing, and so I continue to tell you about them!



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