Update from BETA

This month in Mini School our class did some pretty interesting things including playing with fire!!

We started the month off with wrapping up our Science Fair projects. Everyone’s presentations were really cool!

Thanks to our Scimatics teacher, Mrs Neumann, we were given the opportunity to have a wonderful new experience…playing with fire! We watched her make this slimy ball and light it up. People could touch the flames, pick them up and prod the little flaming ball.

After that, the class each got to create and display to each other their representation of an atom. The students had to show the nucleus, protons, neutrons, electrons, quarks, leptons and electron shells. All the student’s models were great!

Along with many other classes, the mini school took part in a district-wide geography challenge. Congrats to Karen and Simon who did a fantastic job representing our class in the school level.

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