Heading into a new term

As the Minischool gears up for the due date of science fair, everyone has been hard at work on their projects, catching up on math, and scrambling to finish overnight humanities projects. However, this means that we are all overworking ourselves, between projects and procrastination, and the loving company of Akira has become a precious commodity.


Each and every day, a subtle fight occurs in which top fighters take out food and other tasty morsels to lure the dog to their side. However, now that we have a new seating arrangement in which we do not sit in two long rows, and we do sit in small groupings of 2, the war heats up, with more competitors. Akira will come running with a longing face towards your table when you hold out food, although he does not stay for long before another morsel catches his nose. Callings of “Sit. Down. Good Boy” happen as often as every couple of minutes, but after he lays down by your side, he might hop up a few minutes later to pursue another piece of food. He goes back and forth between us, perhaps gaining a few pounds along the way. Some argue that the getting up and running around is enough exercise for him to work it off, but who can argue with the privilege of the dog lying beside them?

In other, more academically related news, (see how easy it is to get carried away with the dog?) we have had an extremely math heavy quarter, plowing through 2-3 chapters within the course of just a couple of weeks. Additionally, we will all be moving on to our second semester classes nearing the end of January, leaving most of us away from the fun of Home Ec and Tech Ed, and into French.

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