Classroom Arrangements

With the start of a new year, Mr.Murray and Ms.Neumann have emplaced a seating plan in order to (hopefully) better our learning.

Starting the school year in September, all of the tables were put into two pods, and we were encouraged to sit within the front half of the class, to help us bond, and cooperate. This proved to be trouble, and looking back, it’s surprising how little damage came from it. The next seating plan(ish) had us separating out so that we were diametrically opposite from our neighbors, essentially meaning that no one sat directly adjacent to anyone else. Similar to the last one, troubles arose pretty quickly, and no solution could be found, at least until after winter break. Returning from the break, we immediately greeted with the surprise of a new seating plan. This new seating plan consists of every student having a table to themselves, and all of the tables are separated from each other, in order to reduce unnecessary talking between students. Another feature about this new seating plan, is that now students no longer have the choice for where we sit since all of the positions are predetermined.

As of writing this entry, this seating plan has largely helped our focus in class, but has not yet fully resolved this problem. This leads me to think that there is possibly a need for another seating plan that will systematically solve this problem. The plan that seems the most plausible is to firstly find out which pairs of people cause this problem the most, than using a bit of planning, separate all of these said pairs, so that they won’t be causing as much of these issues. Hopefully a simple solution to this problem presents itself soon.

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