Life of a Minischooler at the end of a term

After the break, we’ve seen a significant amount of stress flowing in the atmosphere of our classroom. The end of a break always does bring such stress, you may say, but of course it’s much more than that. The constant cram of redundant math questions, simple one may say, but doing hundreds of them brings no good to the mind.  The constant reminder of nearing deadlines…. Science fair …… IDS which is agreed by many to be the “Intense death sentence”, and it never fails to disappoint from its definition.

The start of yet another seating plan, bringing the smell of the devastating bottle recycling bin to many unfortunate individuals.  Of course I can’t continue with such pessimistic views, as we have signified the end of the bottle recycling program, replaced with the less rancid fundraising program which will continue to bring our class income. We yet to see the result of this change with the first launch happening this month, how exciting….

A large scramble of fractions and tests thrown at us, a particular test question striked us with relatability,  a student has five hours before going to sleep they have to spend …..[fractions of time on ___] do they have 30 minutes to play drums. Amusingly the fractions have added up to over their available time length, of course this was a mere typo, but still a very good representation of the average mini school student’s night before a deadline.

To end on a brighter note, our immensely adorable beloved dog Akira. Perhaps the only member of our classroom that brings joy to everyone. Eating snacks in the minischool classroom brings an attentive pair of large puppy eyes near you, and so begins the Akira wars; basically a series of events where a group of students consecutively “steals” Akira from each other by leading him to their desks. This ends in three possible ways, someone running out of food, Ms. Neumann intercepting, or Akira falling asleep.


That’s all for now…


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