November in the BETA 8’s World

BETA 8 has been quite spoiled this month with not one but two field trips. But before we even started those field trips, we had one of the most fun educational units I have ever received. It was a cross-curricular unit on the Black Death. While majority of the unit was conducted in October, the most fun event, was on November 2nd. After studying biological warfare at The Battle of Caffa, we recreated our own Battle of Caffa which had a warring tribe throwing corpses infected with the Black Death at their enemies. We recreated this by creating catapults out of popsicle sticks, marshmallows, and rubber bands. We then shot paper balls at each other around the classroom, which resulted in the most fun I ever had with diseased corpses.

Later on we went to Gastown, Vancouver, with the rest of BETA, where we toured many famous areas of the city and saw some really nice architecture, like this steam clock.

We ate lunch at the Pacific Centre, and saw an outdoor concert at the Vancouver Public Library. It was a unique concert because it was played at many different angles, which projected sound very well.

Around the middle of November, we had an employee of HTEC come in to talk to us about hydrogen fuel cell technology. It was an interesting presentation that showed us alternative fuels were plausible, and will be very accessible in the future. The presentation included many well defined explanations about the technology.

A couple weeks later, as part of our collab course, all the Grade Eights at Alpha had a field trip to Science World where we had a lot of fun, by learning about many different parts of the Scimatics curriculum. The highlight of the day was when we went to the movie theater upstairs and saw a really cool movie called our Beautiful Planet on a huge immersive screen.

One noteworthy event during this month was that BETA was missing one of its key members for over a week. Ms. Neumann traveled to Argentina this month to compete in the Pan Am games at kayak-polo. She returned with footage of her playing amazingly, and some Argentinean candy. During her absence, Mr.Murray was our main teacher with a couple substitutes coming in here and there. We learned about WHMIS symbols, and 3D printing as projects that she gave to us while she was gone.

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