What have the grade 8’s been up to?


Hey Pups, how has this October been for all of you? Now i expect an “it’s been amazing” because it has been. Now, lets just go over what the highs of this month has been!

First off, the obviously grand Writers Fest!!! Held on the Thursday the 19th of October, we went to Granville Island to listen to some poets and, of course, writers. The first portion of our day was listening to the Vanslam team, CAKAWW!!! The performing poets included the 3 active poets and their coach, Go in poets! We then had a long lunch break that gave us time to roam around Granville Island ,and on the occasion, meeting up with students from Alpha’s discovery program, the grade 9 and 10’s of the Beta minischool, The UTP kids from UBC and more. Then for the second and last portion of the day, we listened to authors: Arushi Raina, S.K. Ali, and Cherie Dimaline and their books: “When Morning Comes”, “Saints and Misfits”, and “Dreams and Nightmares”. Then on our way back we took one bus (yes only one of the two busses came) fit 70 people on and left the others on taxis, although it wasn’t much of a shock *cough* *cough* we used the same busses from our grade 8 retreat *cough* *cough*.

Then the next best event, the mock test and the prizes that came along with them! The first test we had was in science with the terms and definitions of the organelles within plant and animal cells, ON KAHOOT. Yup, that’s the first biggest sign that the test was going to be a mock one. Overall with 18 questions and the first place prize of a CLOCK THAT RAN ON LIQUIDS, then we had a fun 2nd test on grade 9 biology with the first place prize a 3d printed object of our choice. I didn’t win either but you know it’s fine- i’m fine, not salty *cough* i shouldve won *cough*.

And lastly, UPCOMING EVENTS!! On the list for Friday the 27th of October: the Beta Poetry Slam and the unit test in math!

Keep at it pups!

Best wishes from the best~

Becky Jackson

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