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Hi there! Welcome to Beta Bits of Business, with your host, Kowl. Heh, remember back when I said that I would be putting up a Friday upload every week? Alright, seriously, I’m sorry, but I was super busy… like, REALLY busy. I had this Digital Literacy presentation, and I was dumb and decided to do this giant project to present– you really don’t care, do you? Well, I can’t talk about that anyway because this is all about BETA. So, let’s talk about what’s new!

Well, yesterday BETA went on a field trip to Granville Island, where we went to the writers’ fest; a bunch of presentations starring novel writers and poets! In my opinion… oh, wait, I’m a reporter. I can’t express my opinion. Anyway, I guess I’ll just say one thing; the busses… weren’t exactly on time. Aside from that, we arrived, saw a presentation, split off into pairs / groups to roam around the island and eat lunch, met up to see another presentation, and then left. Kind of. It was pretty cool. Oh… whoops.

Cell analogy presentation were this week. They were quite impressive, and probably left imprints on everyone, stamping the organelle names and uses into their memories permanently. Or… something like that, I don’t know. I’m really tired, ok?

Slam poetry is something people are working on here in BETA as well. The students are writing their own poetry to present, and practicing it with different partners. The outcome is pretty amazing… everyone’s poems all coming out, an expression of their own lives showing through. They were assigned with the task of writing about a fallen / falling fictitious civilization, and we are the ruler (or maybe an advisor), writing their own eulogy (or writing about them falling). As you can see, the rules are pretty broad… but broad is good, it allows for the sheet of constraint to be drawn back, revealing the amazing pieces of art underneath.

Alright, that’ll be it for this week. Again, I apologize for missing last week.

Now for the riddles! Last week’s riddle (ha-ha… just kidding; the riddle two weeks ago) was “I can make tears without sorrow and take my journey to heaven”… the answer was… smoke!

For today’s riddle, we’ve got this: “Throw away my outside and cook my inside, then eat my outside and throw away my inside. What am I?” Most of you may be able to figure this out. /                                       

Sincerely, Reporter Kowl

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