Classroom Roles

Additional classroom roles and descriptions are located below: 

Field Trips Discovery: 

  • Your goal is to find local opportunities for our class to experience the content we are studying. The group is expected to find at least 2 field trip opportunities for the class that relate to curriculum, are safe for students, and are financially feasible for our class. 
  • Please create a write-up on the trip, costs, what students will learn from the trip, and any other information you can provide. Submit this to Mr. Murray and Ms. Neumann


  • Your goal is to document through photography, film, and any other artistic form, what is happening in the classroom. 
  • DO NOT photograph faces or names. Hands and work are a great place to start. 

Tech Liaison: 

  • Your goal is to make sure all of the iPads and Laptops are put away safely and are charging. 

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