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What is a bibliography? 

It’s an alphabetical list of the resources (websites, articles, books, etc.) you used for your research.  Each item in the list is called a citation.


Why do I need one?

 You must credit other people’s work! If you are borrowing ideas, images, or wording from others, you must give credit to them, otherwise you are plagiarizing.


How do I make one?  

  • Use Cite This For Me to format your bibliography. 
  • Ask the librarian for help at any time.

Citations and Citation Styles (MLA, APA)



  • Use MLA citation style unless your teacher tells you to use another one.
  • Organize citations in alphabetical order by first word. (Cite This For Me will do this for you)
  • If you are citing a database (e.g., Science in Context) or online encyclopedia, you can find the citation at the end of the article.  Just copy and paste. For the encyclopedia, choose the MLA version.
  • Citing websites:
    • Cite This For Me will help you cite  websites.  
    •  If you can’t find an author or publisher for a site you’re using, think twice about using the site.
    • To find out who the owner/publisher of a website is, go to and enter the domain name.  Example:  (Don’t enter the “www” part.)  The “Registrant” is the owner/publisher.


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