World Problems: Designing Water Filters

Workshop Outline:

The goal of this workshop is to expose students to worldwide water access issues. The original workshop was created by the organization Engineers Without Borders (EWB) and is used as a facilitated workshop throughout North America. Students will explore water issues including access to clean water and filtering water both in Metro Vancouver and in developing countries. Throughout the workshop, students will explore maps, debate political issues, develop international relation strategies, examine statistical data, construct and test water filters, and learn to work collaboratively using limited resources. Students will also learn about the work of Engineers Without Borders in developing countries and their mission to help build a world of opportunities.


Big Idea Design can be responsive to identified needs.
Curricular Competencies Ideating: Evaluate personal, social, and environmental impacts and ethical considerations.

Prototyping: Construct a first version of the product or a prototype, making changes to tools, materials, and procedures as needed.

Testing: Test the first version of the prototype.

Sharing: Evaluate their product against their criteria and explain how it contributes to the individual, family, community, and/or environment

Content Food Studies: factors that influence food choices (water), including cost, availability, and family and cultural influences.
Objective The student will develop an understanding of world water issues.
Materials required by the school: Projector and Screen

Play money: Approximately 500$ is necessary for this activity

Materials provided: Water filter activity supplies

Water Maps of Metro Vancouver

Assessment for ADST Group Collaboration Skills:

Are the students able to work together to generate ideas? To construct a prototype? To test the prototype?

Are the students actively listening and participating during class and group discussions?