Tips and Tricks

Workshops are available weekdays, from 9:00 – 10:30 or 1:00-3:00. Workshops must be requested at least two weeks in advance and may not necessarily be available on the requested date. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

When you are interested in having a workshop in your classroom, please request 3 possible days when you class is available. In addition, please let us know which workshop you are interested in and how many students are in the class. If there is any additional information about your students that may influence the workshop, please let us know. Experience Alpha is about creating positive learning experiences for all students. 

Required Materials: 

Some workshops require specialized materials which we will bring to the school. Other workshops require the school to provide certain materials, however they are common materials which are found in most classrooms. If the class does not have access to the materials to be required by the school, please let us know when requesting a workshop and we will do our best to find the required materials. Our goal is to make these workshops accessible for all classrooms. 

Assessment for Applied Design Skills and Technology:

Some of the workshops have student assessment opportunities for teachers throughout the workshop. We have outlined some of the potential ways students could be assessed, however it is completely optional and up to the teacher’s discretion. There is also the potential for follow-up activities for teachers. If you enjoyed the workshop and are interested in these activities for your students, please let us know and we will do our best to direct you towards more ideas.

Google Apps for Education: 

Some of our computer based workshops recommend having a login to save students progress. It is recommended that classrooms apply for a GAFE account so students can create accounts for online programs and continue to build on their work. This also provides the opportunity for teachers to assess students learning through continual projects after our workshop. 

Applications for GAFE accounts can be found here

Being prepared for the workshop: 

On the day of a workshop, the team will be arriving around 15 minutes prior to the workshop to set-up in the classroom. Please ensure that desks are cleared off. Students may not eat food during these workshops as they may interfere with the technology. Water is welcome. 

Additionally, please ensure you are booking us for 1.5 – 2 hr slots. If your class is scheduled for gym, music, or another class they cannot miss, please consider booking us on a different day.