Modeling a New World: Virtual Reality

Workshop Outline:

This workshop, developed by Jason Madar from Langara College, has been designed to help introduce students to coding terms and functions, while allowing them the opportunity to develop a virtual reality environments. Students will have the opportunity to develop code to build a 3-D environment. Afterwards, they can export their new world, put on our magical glasses and take a peek into the world of Virtual Reality!

Big Idea Complex tasks may require multiple tools and technologies.
Curricular Competencies Defining: Choose a design opportunity

Ideating: Choose an idea to pursue

Prototyping: Construct a first version of the prototype, making changes to tools, materials, and procedure

Testing: Test the first version of the prototype, make changes, troubleshoot, and test again

Content Media Arts: Techniques for using images, sounds, and text to communicate information, settings, ideas, and story structure
Objective The student will be able to program a Virtual Reality environment.
Materials required by the school: Computer Lab or Laptop Cart: 1 computer per student
Materials provided: VR Goggles

Access and support for programs from Langara College

Assessment for ADST Students can be assessed formatively on their ability to problem solve, build and incorporate models, movement, and sensing in their projects.