Graphic Design: Animated GIF’s

Workshop Outline:

In this workshop, students will learn about computer graphics and pixels. They will examine the modern use of GIF’s in marketing and media and how they influence their audience. Students will examine the impact these GIF’s have on their audience and learn the process to create their own animated GIF.

Big Idea Complex tasks require the acquisition of additional skills.
Curricular Competencies Ideating: Choose an idea to pursue

Testing: Make changes, troubleshoot, and test again

Content Media Arts:

  • Media technologies to capture, edit, and manipulate images for specific purposes
  • Influences of digital media for the purpose of communication and self-expression.
Objective The student will be able to design an animated GIF.
Materials required by the school: Computer Lab or Laptop Cart
Assessment for ADST Media Arts: Has the student successfully communicated a message through an animated GIF?

Independent Problem Solving: Was the student able to problem solve in the program or did they require regular assistance?

Follow-up Assignment:

Students can be asked to create an animated GIF for a specific theme or project in class.

Example: Climate Change

Design a GIF which shows a concern or problem related to climate change. The student could then create a GIF of a polar bear standing on ice while it slowly melts away before falling into the frigid waters and crying out for help.