Designing an Animated Game: Scratch

Workshop Outline:

Students will be introduced to Scratch, a visual programming language. Students will begin by creating and designing their own birthday card. They will learn how to include sounds, interactive sprites messages, and change the background. Following this, students will have authority in their own learning to follow another tutorial or attempt one of our surprising challenges!

Big Idea Complex tasks require the acquisition of additional skills
Curricular Competencies Students will use problem solving and mathematical skills in an authentic setting.

Students will create an animation incorporating images, movement, and sensing.

  • Simple algorithms that reflect computational thinking
  • Visual programming
  • Strategies for identifying and troubleshooting simple software problems
Objective Students will be able to design and create a simple interactive activity through Scratch
Materials required by the school: Computer Lab or Laptop Cart: 1 computer for each student

Projector with connections for facilitators computer

If students have accounts, please have them handy for registration so they can save their projects.

Assessment for ADST By the end of the workshop, students should have completed an interactive tutorial and they should have started on a new project. Students can be assessed on their ability to problem solve and incorporate images, movement, and sensing in their projects.

Follow-up assessment: Students create a presentation using Scratch (Teacher can decide the topic). Students can add their own recorded audio, or scripts and assign to the characters created in their scratch presentation.