Coding 102: Introduction to Python

Workshop Outline:

Students will be introduced to Python, a programming language. After a short presentation about the history, development and usage of programming languages, they will use “Eliza the chatterbot” to learn and try out their coding skills. They will get practice Python coding using step-by-step tutorial, and complete a check-in assignment at 5 different stages of the tutorial

Big Idea Complex tasks require the acquisition of additional skills.
Curricular Competencies Students will develop a plan that identifies key stages in coding.

Students will test the first version of their codes, make changes, troubleshoot, and test again.

  • Simple algorithms that reflect computational thinking
  • Evolution of programming languages
  • Strategies for identifying and troubleshooting simple software problems
Objective Students will be able to code a simple conversation program in Python.
Materials required by the school: One iPad, laptop, or computer per student

Note: Computers or laptops are preferred.

Materials provided: Small whiteboards
Assessment for ADST Teachers will have access to see which stages of the program the students have completed. Each time a student completes a section, they receive a green ‘diamond’ indicating they were successful.

Additionally, teachers can assess students ability to problem solve, test, debug and collaborate with their fellow students to find solutions to the problem.