Coding 101: Binary Logic

Workshop Outline:

Students will examine the language of computers by learning how to convert base 10 numbers to binary and back again. After learning about the history of counting and the development of the base 10 system for humans, they will learn about the base 2 system and how to calculate numbers in binary. They will get practice using binary in an active Daily Physical Activity Game where students will race to solve a puzzle while only using base 10 and base 2 mathematics.

Big Idea Complex tasks require the acquisition of additional skills.
Curricular Competencies Students will use logic and patterns to solve puzzles and play games.

Model mathematics in contextualized experiences.

Content Base 10 counting

Base 2 counting


Objective The student will be able to convert base 10 numbers to base 2 and vica-versa.
Materials required by the school: Paper and pencil for each student

Outdoor space for students to do the DPA game

Whiteboard or Chalkboard teaching space

Materials provided by the workshop: Supplies for the DPA game:

The challenge information


Whiteboard Marker