3D Modeling: Tinkercad

Workshop Outline:

Students will be introduced to the art of 3D modeling. They will learn how to use the online program of Tinkercad and examine some of the features involved with modeling designs for use online and for 3D printing. Students will compete in design challenges and learn application skills to design and build 3D models. 

Big Idea Complex tasks require the acquisition of additional skills.
Curricular Competencies Defining: Choose a design opportunity, Identify criteria for success and any constraints

Prototyping: Explore and test a variety of materials for effective use, construct a first version of the prototype and make appropriate changes

Content Examination of 3D printing for new media arts and accessibility
Objective The student will be able to design a 3D model.
Materials required by the school: Blank paper for drawing a design idea, pencils

One laptop or computer for each student


Materials provided by the workshop: Examples of 3D printed objects
Assessment for ADST Students will each create a draft of the item before the end of the period. It is up to the teacher whether to mark them on their skill development or final product. Additionally, the teacher has the option of extending their learning to include an additional assignment where students need to create a model for one of their current assignments. This is a great way to introduce design and innovative creation with little to no supplies needed.